When did zombies become so fucking mainstream? 

At the time I wrote and recorded Night of the Living Dead the Musical it was a fairly eccentric thing to do.  Edgy, even.  Zombie movies had been around for decades, but they were considered a dirty little genre, a sort of pornography for those who “liked that sort of thing.” 

So it was a special sort of lunacy to commit so much time and effort to a project that was almost certainly doomed right from the start.  It was a foregone conclusion that nobody respectable was ever going to want to listen to it. 

But, hey, you might like it.  Stranger things have happened. Don't let me stop you.

Besides, you look like you might enjoy that sort of thing.

So in tribute to the dark masterpiece that spawned all the hard questions, I give you my opus, NOLDTM.  I’m just happy to see it out there. 

I dedicate this to George Romero.  Please don’t sue me.

After all, the poetry’s between the lines. 



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Our first inductee into the Doomed Artists Hall of Fame is
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