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01 Fanfare And Introduction

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Musical based on the film 'Night of the Living Dead'




I’m sure you’ve heard about Jesus Christ.
How he became a superstar.
Thanks to Webber and thanks to Rice
That singing Savior touched our hearts.

Perhaps you’d like a little change of pace.
Perhaps the sweetness and the light is not quite to your taste.

Let’s try to turn our thinking ‘round.
Let’s try to find some lower ground.
Let’s get our heads out of the clouds
And come on down to earth instead.
Let’s hear some tunes from the night of the living dead.

If Frankenstein is far too tame
It may be time to raise the stakes.
Let’s do it in Romero’s name.
Let’s sing for Romero’s sake.

Forgive me if I tend to go too far
But something in my likes a tale that’s doomed right from the start.

But listen close and you might find
Poetry between the lines.
So dim the light. I think it’s time
To face whatever lies ahead.
Let’s settle in for the night of the living dead.