1. 09 Suppertruck
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09 Suppertruck

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Musical based on the film 'Night of the Living Dead'



Baby I will drive that rusty Ford.
You wait for me and bar the door.
You stay right here and mind the store.
When I reach the pump
Ben and I will gas her up.

Baby what did you come on out here for?
If you’re coming too, then climb aboard.
Baby shut your mouth; baby shut the door.
What a thing to do.
As if I could run out on you.

Girl, it really was such a simple plan
If you’d just stood by your man.
Instead you set us up
For a clusterfuck
Now we’re the main course on the Suppertruck.

I should be 10 miles from here by now
But thanks to you we’re both zombie chow.
Oh I couldn’t have lived without you anyhow.
I should be long gone.
So very glad you came along.

Girl, it really was such a simple plan…

This never should have happened.
How could you let it?
You turned our getaway to
Come and get it.
Our number’s up
On the suppertruck.
Our number’s up
On the suppertruck.