It's all about the song...


What makes a great song?

Maybe it's no surprise that I've given that idea a LOT of thought. When you're stripping a song down to one guy and a guitar, the song has got to be worth singing. And hearing.

Think about all the great songs recorded in the last 100 years. Even if only one in a million is worthy, well...I can make a meal of that! My job is to find the greatest songs that exist and present them to you giving everything I can.

I think somewhere between Robert Johnson and Kacey Musgraves, I can find enough songs to keep us all entertained.

A great song transcends time--you may find yourself picking a wedding dance from Bing Crosby or Cole Porter. A classic song can be as simple as Louie Louie, or as complex as Roundabout. That being said, I'm probably not going to have much Yes music in my repertoire.

But I might.

Check out some of the performances here, and if you like what you hear, let me know. Let your favorite brew pub know! I'll do my best to play your favorites, plus you'll hear at least one song you've never heard before.* That's the Gone Johnson guarantee!

unless, of course, you heard it from me!


Here at Gone Johnson Laboratories (GJL), we've assembled a repertoire of over 250 songs, collected over a lifelong quest for the perfect song. That staggering number is far too many to list, so let's just drop some names.

  • ROCK\POP: The usual culprits - Beatles, Stones, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Paul Simon, James Taylor. But also a healthy dose of Elvis Costello, Bowie, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, Wilco, Lumineers, and other bands that aren't household names to everybody. But they're household names to somebody. Is you that somebody? If you've read this far, it's just possible you is.
  • COUNTRY: Runs toward Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, John Prine (he's country, right?) and the great country songwriters of our age. Well, my age. And new to the show, some tunes from Kacey Musgrave.
  • CLASSICS: Puttin' on the Ritz, Pennies from Heaven, Is You Is or Is You Ain't (My Baby), 42nd Street, Blue Skies, and more. You may have forgotten how much you love these songs. Let's dust them off together!

And, as usual, GJL's famous assortment of songs that reflect his own--shall we say--eclectic tastes. (Insert link to crazed laughter here.)

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